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If you are outgoing, self-motivated, responsible and excited to spread the word about PEX Summer Festival to as many people possible in your own city, then you are in the right place.

Common Tasks

The PEXSF Street Team is a "task" based initiative. To earn a full weekend pass to PEXSF, a volunteer must complete 30 tasks within 6 weeks of the day they start. All tasks will be assigned by a Team Lead, who coordinates the team in any given city. Your Team Lead will create a custom plan and schedule for you.

Common assignments include: 

  1. Attending select events (concerts, clubs, gatherings, etc) in your community to talk with people about PEXSF and to hand out our informational materials.
  2. Visiting retail locations, colleges and other locations in your community to distribute PEXSF materials.
  3. Participating online as part of our virtual street team, spreading the word to your social communities.

PEXSF Street Team Mission

The PEXSF Street Team is a very important part of our festival because you will become a beacon in your community for all the positive things the festival represents. It is also a highly dynamic and exciting way to get involved with PEX, by helping to bring curious new participants into our special and growing community. 

It will be your responsibility to uphold the volunteer principles whenever you are out and spreading the word about PEXSF. We also encourage you to learn as much as you can about the festival. We will give you the training, supplies and opportunities you will need to complete your volunteer commitment within the 6 week requirement.

The main difference between the PEXSF Street Team and the other volunteer opportunities at the festival, is that your volunteer work will be done in the coming weeks, before the festival even begins, and in your own city. Besides the benefit of working in your own community, you will have earned your ticket and have the full weekend of the festival off to enjoy the rewards of your contributions.

If this sounds like a good match for you, proceed to the application.