We are looking for the talented, the skilled, and the volunteers of our collective!

We are calling ALL creative, open minded, fabulous, eccentric, eclectic, partiers to participate in this exercise of Radical Self-Expression! Bring your talents & toys and have FUN!

(This includes Performance Artists, Hoopers, Jugglers, Fire Performers, Stilt Walkers, Body Painters, Visual Artists, Photographers, Video, Skilled Builders, Costume Makers, and other creative visions we can't even imagine!)

We are thrilled to see what you all bring to this magical event! We know that the adventure is ours to create TOGETHER, and we are joyously awaiting the journey we are about to embark on as a TEAM! Whoever you are, whatever you do, we look forward to learning, growing and sharing in this exploratory collaboration of endless stimulation and bliss!

We are honored to have the contributions of such an amazing and multi-talented group of energetic people at our events. YOU have been the reason PEX has been able to do so much with so little. This event is an opportunity for people of all shapes and sizes to come out and show us the beauty of our integrative efforts. We know that every moment of time, every bit of energy, that is contributed will aid in fostering the mission of PEX as we construct love-based events that nurture the evolution of the human spirit.

We are sending out a call to YOU, the people of our Tribe, to come and help us make this weekend the best it possibly can be for yourself and the people you love. Giving in and of itself is an act of receiving, and volunteering is an easy and simple access point to feeling the warm embrace of our shared vitality.