Lineup :: Artist Installations :: The Theta Dome

New York City

The Theta Dome is an interactive art installation designed to activate the theta
brainwave and enable the collective consciousness among the festival guests
of PEX summer festival. Our custom software produces patterns of light that
reacts to shifts in our quantum energy field. The outputs of these patterns are
modeled after the theta brainwave as an instrument to heal. We are teaming up
with Chillax Deluxe at PEX to create an ambient lounge and immersive sanctuary
for your weekend exploration.

During the festival The Theta Dome will be hosting a small series of ambient
DJ sets (by guests of The Theta Dome and Chillax Deluxe), sonic attunements
(by Avant Muse), a talk on the secret life of sound frequency (by Philip Jospeh
Restine III), and a special performance by the Laser Harp (by PjOE). Check the
schedule for more information.