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New York City

NephilNine (FractalTribe) NYC

NephilNine is the name under which Sue Helfrich provides event decorations and installation art.

Based out of NYC (NY, USA), Sue has been working on events since 2004. She is a classically trained artist who enjoys painting, sculpture, and has a degree in Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology (NYC, USA).

Sue found her true love, however, in the form of psychedelic
installations, and any medium that shapes space or reacts to light in
interesting ways.

"What drew me to deco was a passion for immersing someone in a
fantastic environment. As a child, I dreamed of being able to explore the surreal worlds portrayed in fantasy & science fiction movies and TV shows. Decorating parties has allowed me to make my dream a reality. Now I enjoy being able to create these worlds of my own design, even if only for a night, so that others may discover and explore them."

The NephilNine deco repertoire currently includes a variety of
geometric and organic 3-D UV sculptures, spandex installation,
large-scale string installations, and more is constantly being made.
She has helped many people with their events, has done work in the US and Canada, and is currently part of the FractalTribe Network.

Sue has enjoyed a steady stream of deco gigs-- 25 parties in '09 has grown to the current standard of decorating at least one event every weekend, for a wide variety of events-- from underground dance parties to formal dinner & dance events. She has a deco-residency at the Chapel of the Sacred Mirrors (Alex Grey's art sanctuary in Wappangers Falls, NY) and at the Sullivan Room NYC. NephilNine has provided psychedelic environments for many different venues and production companies including (but not limited to) Toca Cielo @ Cielo NYC, The Best Buy Theater @ Times Square NYC, Vudoo Productions, SYNC, Psybotic, Alladin Group, TDC, Yogi Boogey Box, Pulp, Loud Monitors, Paradigm Shift, 28th Day, Repsychle, PSI, Gaian Mind Monthly, Mayan Grind, Production54, Wonderland LLC, 6362 Metaforce, Beats Samsara, Green Apples, Neon East, Elektric AVE Prod, Radial Engine Tribe, Gratitude NYC, Club Therapy in Providence RI, and Club Love NYC. She has decorated a variety of outdoor festivals including The Woods Stage @ The Big Up '11 (NY,USA), The Psytrance Stage @ PEX Summer Festival '11 (MD, USA), Both Stages @ Evolvefest '11 (NJ, USA), Future Folk Fest IV '11 (VT, USA), Backfield to the Future '11 (NY, USA), Shaman Tales '10 (Canada), and The Coalesce Festival '10 (MD, USA). Sue also harbors an interest in creative shade and shelter structures and has constructed a geodesic dome that she used as part of an art installation at a regional burn, Playa Del Fuego, in the Fall of 2008.

Through the FractalTribe Network, & NephilNine, Sue tries to provide the communities she loves with beautiful environments where people can gather, celebrate, communicate, and dance. Her goals are to continually hone her creative vision, and to do what she can to help form, nurture, and expand a conscious community of sustainable party-goers, keeping the best parts of that which has been called "the underground" alive.