Lineup :: Artist Installations :: Mantis Garden - Birth of PEXus

Philadelphia, PA

By Gaetan Spurgin (photo by William Tanksley)

The Mantis Garden is a sacred art installation that merges both the importance of creative process and sense of community. Originally a single wooden mantis sculpture, the installation has been given a new, evolving life due to a pivotal moment when the daughter of the artist’s friend asked to paint it's tail. The joy and sense of bringing people of unique backgrounds together that was experienced in that very moment sparked a whole new path for the single mantis, affectionately named "Mantis Greatburn".

The Mantis Garden is currently growing....
For PEXSF I would like to introduce at least one other Mantis - "PEXus." This mantis will be set up partially with pieces available at the Creation Tent. This Tent will be the hub for the Mantis volunteers to assist participators with paints and brushes. As the pieces are painted "PEXus" will be built.