Workshops :: Medicinal Herbology w/ Sarah Cohen MD

Philadelphia, PA

Saturday 1PM @ Special Location: Bridge North side of Lake

We will learn how to identify and use plants for medicinal purposes. The workshop will shed light on herbalism from the perspective of healing traditions from around the world. Also included will be an herb walk, materials, and recipes for plant extracts.


Sarah Cohen MD is an Internal Medicine physician who is devoted to preservation of ancient healing systems. In addition to completing a conventional medical training at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, she has travelled to Nepal, India, and Peru to study with Indigenous healers. She is fascinated by modern science, as well as age-old healing traditions. Most of all, she is in awe of the meeting place between cutting-edge science and ancient wisdom.

At the beginning of 2012, Sarah began a fellowship with Dr Andrew Weil, who is a Botanist, Physician, and Medical Revolutionary. While she studies the way of Integrative medicine with Dr. Weil, she and Caroline Ashurst L.Ac, M.Ac (DJ Lina Luv) are cultivating a Community Wellness Center in Philadelphia, incorporating music, movement, visual, and healing arts into a therapeutic model.