Workshops :: Sacred Breath Root Chakra Meditation

Kc Schweickert

with Kc Schweickert

Sacred Breath Root Chakra Meditation - Sunday 1pm Sanctuary

Whether you are a seasoned meditator or novice, experience an ancient Eastern meditation breathing techique that has been taught, practiced and passed on from master to master for centuries to achieve self enlightenment.

Chakras govern your life force energy as well as your glandular, mental and emotional systems.  In this meditation you will learn not only a breathing technique but focus on the Root Chakra, what it governs, how this can help you start to transfrom your outlook, how to connect to source and feel more gounded in your everyday life.



I am a mixed-media artist who happens to be a certified K-12 visual art educator, designer, milliner, cobbler, seamstress, weaver, a co-creator of Gnomes Grown, a Reiki Master practitioner and teacher, an energy facilitator, a dreamer of dreams, and a believer that magic is created every day.
As an artist I am always exploring my imagination to create a world of endless possibilities.  As a Reiki Master practitioner/teacher I strive to help others learn to help themselves though an understaning of how to connect to the sourse that connects us all.