Workshops :: Magic in the Making - Absinthe

Leon Milmeyster

with Leon Milmeyster

Magic in the Making - Absinthe - Sunday 5pm Sanctuary

This workshop will present the participants with the history of Absinthe, 100 years of demonization and
final rehabilitation of Absinthe. What the Absinthe really is, the social and medicinal value of different
digestive and nervine tonics in our fast paced, hectic and toxic lifestyles. We will explore the Magic
of herbs and the Art of Herbal formulations. The "poetic language" of smell and taste for bodies and
minds, that helps keep our biological “hardware” fully operational. Our culture is more than ever in
need of stress managing strategies to combat all the environmental and cultural factors we exposed
to in our ever faster and faster lifestyles. Stress is a process of adaptations all living organisms are
subjected to, and that process needs to be managed in order to be beneficial rather than destructive
force. When persistent stress exhausts our adaptive energy, our body and minds are depleted and we
as individuals experience the effects of the process we know as “accelerated aging”. The most obvious
choice to combat it is the use of Herbs, the very complex, yet very simple solution that has been in
development for millions of years by the very same “Mother Nature” that created the environment for
us and the same “Mother Nature” that created us as organisms to be supported by this environment.

First 30 people registered will have an opportunity to indulge in a tasting ritual of real Absinthe. Please
 bring a bottle of water.



Leon Milmeyster is a Glass Artist and a Master Herbalist specializing in mental and physical performance
improvements and Anti-aging strategies with herbs and lifestyle choices. He started his herbal studies
many years ago in former Soviet Union but could not continue until recently. After he witnessed the
events of September 11 in New York City he completely switched his career focus from IT Management
to working with Glass and later restarted his Herbalist education. Leon is currently working on achieving
Board Certification in his Herbological and Spagirycal studies.