Workshops :: Hoop circuits for deepening transitional understanding


with Brecken

Smarrel, Warrel and Smeave- circuits for deepening transitional understanding - Sunday 5PM Hillside

Hoopers unite with a world-class teacher to study hybrids of the 3D movements: the smear and the wave, with verticals movements: the barrel roll and the weave. These movements offer a full, two-current mapping of interplanar options, complete with opportunity for expansion, abstraction, and varying degrees of internalization.


Brecken Rivara, original East-coaster, has been hooping for just over 6 years and has yet to subside in her development as an artist, teacher and super cool lady in the hoop world.
     Having taught hooping full-time over the past three years, she’s traveled to multiple cities throughout North America and Europe advocating a boundless receptivity to the hoop that embraces transitional movement, breath and anatomical awareness, and a deep regard for the internal waves that remain “integral to ALL fluid movement, with or without a structured prop.”
     Most recently, Brecken has been fusing the geometry of 3-dimensional, “inter-planar” hooping with contemporary movement principles toward a framework for optimize dynamic exchange with the hoop and ideally, quote, “bringing this shit to the floor.”

She is a pisces, but doesn’t talk about it, loves the show Wife Swap and once danced naked on stage with the Flaming Lips. Brecken would like to thank the organizers of PEX for putting together a much-appreciated opportunity for our community to thrive beyond all expectations once again.

Thank you to everyone for being here and I’ll see you all out there.