Workshops :: Beginner Aerial Tissu & Lyra

Zyra & Elux

with Zyra & Elux

Beginner Aerial Tissu & Lyra - Sunday 3pm Meadow

There is an elegance to be disThe Covered by exploring vertical space through aerial movement. By utilizing the aerial tissue with various knots we can create an aesthetically pleasing performance. In this workshop, beginners will learn the basic techniques of tying foot-keys/knots, climbing the apparatus, descents and static poses.

In addition, we’ll get acquainted with hanging up-side-down by our hands and knees from the lyra! We will learn a few ways to mount & dismount the apparatus and focus on creating lovely shapes with our bodies in the hoop.

Let’s evoke the innate primate from within! This is a great introduction to the world of aerial performance by teaching you how to apply the new dimension of vertical space. Let’s play with the X, Y and Z axes!



Aerialist, hooper and fire dancer, Elux Lucis will charm your pants
off. Whether he is dancing with his mesmerizing light-up hoops, flying
through the air on tissu or lyra, or lighting up the darkness with his
flame he is no novice at turning heads.

Dance has been instrumental in shaping Zyra’s life. From a
young age, she has been fascinated by bodies in motion. Witnessing the strength, control, and graceful technique of dancers, acrobats, and
yogis sparked her interest in the study of movement. After completing
her undergraduate in Ecology, she started her aerial training at
Xelias Aerial Arts Studio in Minneapolis, MN, and quickly became
hooked. She soon began performing for audiences, developing
choreography, and teaching the art to others. Currently, she actively
seeks out and trains with aerialists from all over the world to
continue to refine and polish her aerial artistry.

She now teaches acrobatics in downtown Minneapolis and throughout the country at various festivals. Feel free to contact her at to have her teach in your city!