Workshops :: Poi Fundamentals

Noel Yee

with Noel Yee

Poi Fundamentals - Sunday 1PM Meadow

"Learn the fundamentals of poi from one of the most experienced teachers in the poi world. Beginning with planes, timing and direction, then moving onto hip reels and shoulder reels, this class will supply the core skills for your future poi career.

Pre-req:  No experience required



Noel is an internationally renowned performer and instructor who has been performing and teaching for almost 8 years.  He is currently performing with The Vulcan Crew, Fire Smoothie and Copperlantern Fire Theater.    Always on the leading edge of both tech and teaching techniques, Noel teaches workshops year-round across the USA and Europe.  He is a co-producer of Fire Drums, Kinetic Fire, Pacific Fire and Flame Festival.   Choreographically, Noel is the artistic director for the Flow Show in San Francisco and a partner in the new performance project called the Foreways Project.  He has written, produced and starred in 5 instructional spinning DVDs with his company Vulcan DVDs, including Poi Technique, Partner Poi, Double Staff Technique, Fans, and Contact Staff.  Has also starred and provided inspiration on the following internationally acclaimed DVDs:

Staff Manipulation with MCP
Doubles Staff Manipulation with MCP
Fire Groove Fire Dance All Stars
Encylo-poi-dia 1 and 2 with Zan Moore
Circles of Light

You can check him out in action here: or for an extended bio