Workshops :: Traditional Staff Spinning 101


with Lucky (Josh Blumenthal)

Traditional Staff Spinning 101 - Sunday 11am The Cove

Join the path of the staff as we build our skills together to develop an understanding and flow of traditional staff spinning. We’ll work on hand positions, turning, throws, planes, and more. If you’ve ever had an interest in spinning staff, this will be a great first class to begin your training. Bring a staff if you can!



Josh Blumenthal (Known to many as Lucky) has been part of the Burner Community for nearly a decade. At this year’s PEX Summer Festival, he’d like to share his knowledge of two very different subjects: Flow Arts (to enjoy today) and Financial Investing (to enjoy tomorrow).

Flow Arts:
Lucky has been involved in flow arts for 7 years, having created Philly’s Burning Man fire conclave, worked for years with Philly Fire Arts, spun for films, TV shows, music videos, and been featured twice on screen at the Sundance Festival. But his greatest joy has always been introducing new faces to this art form and watching them grow into amazing artists and people.