Workshops :: Hoop Vinyasa

Jewels & Sandhi

with Jewels & Sandhi

Hoop Vinyasa - Sunday 11am Pavilion

Hoop Vinyasa seamlessly weaves together two magical forms of meditation and joy: hula hoop dance and vinyasa yoga. Here, our hoops become tools for a stronger physical and mental yoga practice, and yoga becomes a tool for greater control and balance in hooping.  No hooping or yoga experience necessary; please bring a hoop and yoga mat if possible.  Play with intention.



The creators of Hoop Vinyasa -- Liana Cameris, Sandhi Ferreira, & Jewels Ziff Sint -- are experienced as both hoop performers/teachers and as yoga teachers.  Their friendship and partnership has been locked by the balance they each find between discipline and playfulness, vigor and ease... on stage, on the yoga mat, and in life.