Workshops :: Exploring Aerial Arts Through Invented Apparatus

Nina Charity

with Nina Charity

Exploring Aerial Arts Through Invented Apparatus - Sunday 11AM Meadow

This class will allow anybody, beginner and advanced aerial students explore a new apparatus I invented this year to showcase at The Intersections Art Festival in DC. I will bring two "Carousels" which can hold up to 4 people at a time. These rotating and flying machines will let you feel like a kid again on the playground!



NINA CHARITY, Artistic Director of BAD, grew up as a competitive Figure Skater in Columbia, Md, due to the nature of the sport she was required to take dance classes to better her grace and athleticism. Soon after she enrolled in the University of Maryland Dance program where she obtained a BA in Dance. After graduation to continue dancing she discovered the art of Aerial Dance. By working with Air Dance Bernasconi for a little over 5 years, under the direction of Jayne Bernasconi, she was able to explore the ability to fly through the air gracefully. Her training and performance experiences include the Aerial Dance Festival in Boulder, CO where she performed along side of Elsie and Serenity Smith, Nancy Smith, & Fred Deb. At the moment she is forming her own non-profit to take the place of the current Air Dance Bernasconi Aerial Program in Baltimore, MD. Along with her teaching endeavor at Coppermine Field House, she plans to return to work with a program that supports Michelle Obama's obesity initiative, in which she performs her Aerial Fabric Act for elementary school age children. On the time she isn't flying through the air, she is employed by The Baltimore County Department of Aging where she trains and teaching seniors how to effectively and safely exercise at 10 different Baltimore County Senior Fitness Centers.