Workshops :: Body Mechanics for HoopDancers and Teachers

Bex Burton

with Bex Burton

Body Mechanics for HoopDancers and Teachers - Saturday 9am Pavilion

Body Mechanics for Hoopers addresses treatment and prevention of common injuries and low-level chronic pain concerns prevalent amongst zealously passionate hoop dancers.  Bex guides you through fun, full-body warm up movements and introduces functional strength exercises and stretch techniques targeted for the hooper body. Stretch what is tight and strengthen what is weak. Bex give you the tools to keep your body happy, and flow on.


Biography: Bex Burton, aka THE BEX, is a New York City-based certified Pilates instructor, Thai Yoga Bodyworker, contemporary HoopDancer and teacher, costumer and fire performer. Bex first came to the hoop in 2006 as a modern dancer, cast in an avant-garde Brooklyn dance show, where she met Malcolm Stuart and learned how to bring the hoop from her waist to overhead.   Since then, her passion for HoopDance has led her to late nights lost in blissful flow, choreographing directing, and performing her very own HoopDance love story for an “Infinite Number of Hoopers”, and the opportunity to live her dream of being a professional dancer and teacher.