Workshops :: Beginner Aerial Silks

Amanda Silaski

with Amanda Silaski

Beginner Aerial Silks - Saturday & Sunday 9AM Meadow

Have you ever wanted to start the day flying?  Well here is your chance!  Come join me and greet the day with some beginner aerial silks.  Beginners are welcome in this workshop.  No prior experience is necessary. Just bring a sense of adventure and excitement to try something new.  Please wear tight fitting clothes that will not get caught in fabric or move around if you are upside down.  It is also recommended to cover the backs of your knees.  I'll see you in the air!



Amanda Silaski has been an aerialist in New York City for the past eight years.  She has performed at numerous venues in and around New York City as well as some in other parts of the country.  She has performed at Pex Summer Festival for the past 2 years.  Aerial dance is a great passion of hers that she is very exited to share with others!