Workshops :: Beginning Poi: Freedom in Flow

Paul Dunkirk-Greenbaum

with Paul Dunkirk-Greenbaum

Beginning Poi: Freedom in Flow - Saturday 7PM The Cove

Freedom in Flow is an alternative for the traditional style (forward spin, butterfly, etc) in teaching beginning poi. The traditional style has been known to create a mind trap for people who are starting out with spinning poi and over time some spinners seem to 'plateau', feeling stuck with the moves they have learned and having trouble to advance from there. Freedom in Flow is ideal for people who are just getting started with spinning poi or for people who have experienced that 'plateau' and would like some ideas on how to get out of their spinning rut. In this workshop, we will focus on pendulums rather than the full spin. Pendulums are much more comfortable as a starting point as the poi are lightly swung from side to side and look much cooler than a full circle spin. We will experiment with the full range of movement, turns, planes, same time vs split time, full arm extensions, stalls and a lot of other basic moves and concepts that will help open up your mind to what is achievable with poi.



Paul Dunkirk-Greenbaum is a professional fire performer of 11 years. He owns Burning Passion providing quality fire performance equipment to the masses. Through Burning Passion, Paul vends at many fire-focused events around the country every summer. Skilled in more than 10 fire props, Paul is an accomplished fire dancer with an outgoing unique style. Paul has worked with several performance groups, founded the Minneapolis Fire Collective (group in the Burning Man Fire Conclave), helped safely bring back fire dancing to 2 festivals where it was banned for over 8 years, and hosted a weekly spin event called Spun Out. With his lover, he has spent hundreds of hours developing a live-in dance studio in downtown Minneapolis, The Stomping Ground, helping promote the performance arts in Minnesota. He has taught numerous workshops and classes around the country from everything to fire safety, a variety of intro classes and much more in depth object manipulation courses catering to many skill levels.