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Miss Mary & Egypt

with Miss Mary & Egypt

Aerial Skill Share and Practice Session - Saturday 7pm Meadow

With experienced aerialists in mind, this is more of a session than a workshop where you can come and use an apparatus freely on the long weekend-- don't you get the itch after a couple days sans flying??  A great way to bridge networks between cities and even within them, this session is an opportunity to hang with other aerialists and trade sweet sequences or practice whatever you're working on as of late. 



Miss Mary is originally from Philadelphia and has been performing and teaching aerial silks there for the last year.  She is an extreme circus enthusiast, and loves sideshow and fire arts in addition to aerial arts.  She's performed for events hosted by Philly's PEX and Space Pirates, and has been a welcome guest performer in New York's art community as well.  Passionate about sharing and exchange, she has enjoyed the opportunity to bring silks workshops both to local collectives, as well as burns in Nevada and Africa.

Egypt works with the Circus Arts program at Bayside Gymnasium in Saint Petersburg, FL.  She instructs all age levels.  She's done aerial performance for PEX, NYC Graditude, Bangarang, ROC, the Space Pirates, and Torrent Collective.