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Orisha Songs Workshop - Saturday 7PM Lake

Come sit with Leana Song and Shawn Hennessey. under a tree, by the water, under a blue sky, with the wind blowing through you, and the sun shining on your face, and SING!  Sing for Olodumaré, Ogún, Elégua, y Ochún.  Learn how these songs are used.  Let them become part of your consciousness, and hold them forever.  Orisha songs of the Yoruba tradition taught with live percussion by members of Leana Song.  Recording encouraged. 



Shawn has studied Orisha Song for 11 years with Orlando Fiol, Michel Aldama, Sandy Perez, Mike Spiro, Elizabeth Sayre.  He leads Leana Song and plays the Batá drums.  He is also an accomplished song writer and educator.  For more info visit