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Mike & Jexime Icon

with Mike & Jexime Icon

Partner Poi - Saturday 5PM The Cove

You've seen them perform as Iconic Fire in the Russian Roulette Variety Show, now join Mike and Jexime Icon in the world of partner poi.  In this workshop, you will learn the basics and beyond of spinning poi with two or more people.  Combine the worlds of tech and dance and create a flow with your partner that is like no other.  Fundamental knowledge of weaves and reels is recommended; please bring your own poi.



Philadelphia native, Mike Icon has been part of the international spinning community for going on 8 years.  During this time, he has taught at many festivals around the U.S., including Fire Drums, Wildfire, Burning Man, Pex Summer Festival, & Playa del Fuego.  His style is sharp yet fluid and is regarded by many as unique and innovative.   Mike's talents and expertise fall into all aspects of Circus & Flow Arts, especially: poi, fire breathing, fire eating, and juggling.  He now performs with a fire/performance art duet, Iconic Fire and is also the co-founder of the Russian Roulette Variety Show and co-founder of the Mid-Atlantic's first ever Flow Arts Festival, Fahrenheit.

Jeximé (""Jexi"") has been a classical dancer and musician since the age of 4 and a performance artist since the age of 10. A New York City native, Jeximé has performed and choreographed with numerous dace and theatre companies, choreographed and performed with the nationally renowned Monsignor Farrell Marching Band/Drum Corp, placing 1st and 2nd in the national drum corp dance competitions, as well as attending Wagner College's prestigious Dance & Theatre Program.  After moving to Philadelphia in 2006, Jeximé disThe Covered the Philadelphia Experiment burner community and Philadelphia Fire Arts, where she performed in the 2008 Philadelphia Burningman conclave and will be performing and the 2009 international conclave Pyronauts; merging together her passion for dance and theatre with a passion for fire, circus arts, and object manipulation.  Jeximé now performs with Iconic Fire, a fire/dance/object manipulation duet and Lux Arati, a belly dance/fire art fusion troupe.  Jeximé is also the co-founder of The Russian Roulette Variety Show, a Philadelphia born theatrical show that acts as hub for established performance artists and the co-founder of the Mid-Atlantic's first Flow Arts Festival, Fahrenheit. From this point, she has evolved into an eclectic performer, pushing the boundaries of both mind and body through a barrage of elements, captivating a plethora of audiences, and bringing a certain and very necessary mystique to the stage.