Workshops :: Beginners Capoeira

Risadinha & Maravilha

with Instrutora Risadinha & Instrutora Maravilha

Beginners Capoeira - Saturday 5PM Pavilion

Join Instrutoras Risadinha and Maravilha in the beautiful artform of Capoeira. This Afro-Brazilian martial art  incorporates elements of fight, dance, acrobatics, music, community, endurance, rhythm, strength and freedom of expression.

We will practice active listening and rhythmic movement. Tuning into the unique capoeira music is essential in one’s development of guile, cadence and aesthetics. Often capoeira is practiced in partner settings to attest that a movement can consist of an escape and a coinciding counter-action. Independent training of movements will be practiced allowing the individual to focus on details such as rhythm, balance and fluidity. There will be a Beginners class and an All-levels class so that we all may play capoeira!

Beginners Capoeira Class* - No Experience necessary! Come in comfortable clothing and ready to move and have fun! The foundations of capoeira will be The Covered so that by the end of the class each student will feel comfortable and empowered to play together in the circle, ""roda"". * This will serve as the recommended pre-requisite to take the All-Levels class, if you have no previous experience.



Cultivating more connection through movement, music and bodywork, Melinda Erickson/Instrutora Risadinha seeks to serve others in their journey to do the same, drawing from several modalities. For the last 9 years, Instrutora Risadinha has been playing the beautiful afro-Brazilian martial art of capoeira as a student of Mestre Doutor (ASCAB Capoeira) and has been practicing yoga in some form for the last 12 years. Melinda is a Capoeira instructor, AcroYoga teacher and Hatha Yoga teacher, as well as a performer.  While currently based in the tri-state area, you may find her sharing these joyful practices, nationally and internationally, with anyone willing to play their edge.

Instrutora Maravilha grew up with movement -through dance- in her life. She first encountered capoeira at a world dance workshop.  She was enchanted and fell in love with the beauty and strength of the art.  Since then, capoeira seemed to follow her until she was hooked.  Since 2005, she has spent much of her free time training, kicking, bending, singing, and dreaming capoeira. ASCAB Capoeira.