Workshops :: Aerial Silks: Fear of Falling


with Egypt

Aerial Silks:  Fear of Falling - Saturday 5pm Meadow

Get over the intimidation of forward falls with a training technique that will be taught in sequence, along with instruction on conditioning and form.  The technique is completely safe and exhilarating at the same time and will help you prepare for exciting new drops in your aerial training.  Previous experience with any aerial skill, pole, or climbing is highly recommend in order to keep the class on task.  Please wear tights or leggings and close-fitting clothes - no jewelry, belts, or zippers.



Egypt works with the Circus Arts program at Bayside Gymnasium in Saint Petersburg, FL.  She instructs all age levels.  She's done aerial performance for PEX, NYC Graditude, Bangarang, ROC, the Space Pirates, and Torrent Collective.