Workshops :: Double Hoop Intensive

Ali Luminescent

with Ali Luminescent

Double Hoop Intensive - Saturday 3PM The Cove

Confident with one Hoop and ready to take your hooping to the next level?

oO Beginner-Intermediate Double-Hoop intensive with Ali Luminescent Oo

 Learn two double hoop choreographies that will help you practice and solidify Weaves, Transitions, Separations, Tosses, and Isolations with Doubles. On-the-body and off-body work included.

Look forward to breaking down the process into easy and manageable steps with each of you!



Ali Luminescent, an international performance artist and teacher,
can be found gracing the stage, the screen, magazines, and right here at Pex Summer Festival.

Indulging in hoops, fire, stilts, aerial-and at times all of them
at once, Ali Luminescent weaves an intricate dance of joy and delight.

She found the hoop in 2006 and has been growing her movement repertoire exponentially since. Her background as a speech-language pathologist gives her insight as a teacher for finding new ways of breaking moves down into manageable steps- catering to her students and the different ways in which each one learns. Through the power of practice we can achieve anything!

Ali Luminescent was featured this past Fall on “Project Runway” as the winning look on stilts and can be found in the pages of Marie Claire, Juxtapoze Magazine, W Magazine, India Times, Australia’s “Mix” Magazine, Bill Cunningham’s Style Section of the New York Times, and She has also just returned from teaching multiple-day hoop and fire workshops in Thailand and India.