Workshops :: The Bertha Butt Boogie

Michele Clark

with Michele Clark

The Bertha Butt Boogie - Saturday 3PM Poolside

When bertha got movin'
Her hips were hummin' in the wind,
The ground started shakin'
No grass grew where she'd been!
The music was poppin',
The crowd had formed a ring,
Her sisters yelled, ""boogie, bertha, do your thing!""

If the story in this song has inspired you, as it has me, this is the place for you. Join me to learn how to wine, grind, pop, jiggle, shimmy, shake and sizzle. Also, we will take a sneak peak at the latest Brazilian dance craze, the 'Surra De Bunda'!!!!!!!!!



Michele is an artist, interested and curious about life and committed to experiencing the wonders and mysteries the world has to offer. She believes in the impossible and delights in the extra-ordinary, the mundane and the silly. She believes art is a conversation without bounds in addition to an indispensable method of sharing insights on existence and she wants to be your friend.