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Gnomes Grown

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Recycled Art Sanctuary - Saturday 3pm Roadside - Sunday 3pm Roadside

Learn how to up-cycle old books, magazines, and more into fun and exciting functional artwork.

Recycle old magazines, books, photographs,artwork, and more by transforming them into new and functional pieces of art. Participants can choose to make buttons, magnets, 5'' art squares, or all three in this hands-on Arts & Crafts workshop.  Join us in the Recycled Art Realm to transform treasures you brought from home, or use ours, to create fun and exciting pieces of recycled souvenir art that you can take home with you or share with friends.  



My name is Jonathan Wolloch.  I have a BA in Studio Art from UVM, and a MAT in Art Education from SVA.  I love making art, and am very passionate about sharing it with others.  I like love to encourage and inspire others to tap into their imagination and connect with their creative self.  Given the right situations we are all creative or artistic in our own ways.  I have been involved in collaborative art projects, events, and festivals since 2003, and would love to share my talents and materials with the PEXSF community