Workshops :: Graphic Spinning (Photography)


with Simon

Graphic Spinning (Photography) - Saturday 3PM Meadow

How to make awesome fire pics.

This workshop will show you how to make awesome fire pics. No experience necessary. All levels, ages and species are welcome!



"After lighting up his first flames in 2005 in the streets of Paris, Simon spent the next 5 years diving into the fire spinning community with the Burn Crew Concept. Performing, producing videos, organizing events...
He has been sharing his passion and dedication to juggling and fire performance for the past 7 years, with a dangerous addiction to staff manipulation and firebreathing !

Spending more time on the roads of Europe and the world than in Paris in the last 2 years, he has now decided to go share this passion around the world, performing and teaching the specific skills he's developed with the passion he's carrying."