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Miss Mary

with Miss Mary

Aerial Silks: Getting Started - Saturday 3pm Meadow

This introduction to silks will The Cover healthy stretching, a few basic climbs, foot knots, some restful poses, and a short sequence.  Don't be deterred by experience, strength, or flexibility-- this is a beginners' class for everyone!  All enthusiastic parties wanted!  Wear fitted clothes that The Cover legs and back, please!  :)



Miss Mary is originally from Philadelphia and has been performing and teaching aerial silks there for the last year.  She is an extreme circus enthusiast, and loves sideshow and fire arts in addition to aerial arts.  She's performed for events hosted by Philly's PEX and Space Pirates, and has been a welcome guest performer in New York's art community as well.  Passionate about sharing and exchange, she has enjoyed the opportunity to bring silks workshops both to local collectives, as well as burns in Nevada and Africa.