Workshops :: Capture The Flag WITH FOAM SWORDS!

Captain Shaggy

with Captain Shaggy

Capture The Flag WITH FOAM SWORDS!

Saturday 2-5pm @ Across Main Field down to pool- meet at the fork in the road by the pool

Come play Capture the Flag with FOAM SWORDS! We provide training and equipment you provide happy smiling faces.  Capture the Flag is a joyful experience of cooperative swordplay where the combat is approached as cooperative dance.  Action, friends and laughs abound. Bring a water bottle, sunscreen and sturdy shoes because you will be running and tumbling. The theme is "PIRATES VS ALIENS" Costumes encouraged. Come on time so we can get the rules out of the way and get into the game as soon as possible.


Captain Shaggy plots daring acts of freedom and evolution with his unruly gang of intergalactic heroes the Space Pirates.  When he's not terrorizing 76 in the Dubstar art bus or dropping the floor out from Joe Everyday's perfectly tuned audio, you can find him running programs Philadelphia's Department of Recreation and Parks.