Workshops :: Dynamic Manipulation (Contact Juggling)

Jeff Calafato

with Jeff Calafato

Dynamic Manipulation (Contact Juggling) - Saturday 1PM The Cove

A technical workshop for beginning and advanced sphere manipulators.  

In this work shop Jeff Calafato will be exploring the Basic Fundamentals of Dynamic Manipulation AKA Contact Juggling, creative theories exploring geometry, infinite rolling planes on the body, unlocking parallel dimensions of consciousness in the focused now moment, illusions and isolations, performance therapy and practice, collaboration and play, the fusion of multiple performing arts disciplines w/ sphere manipulation, opening portals and speaking alien languages, everything you will need to rock the sphere for the rest of your life!



Jeff Calafato has a diverse background in the arts!  Combining disciplines from all over the world, Jeff has developed his own artistic communication in pursuit of meaning and in the service of humankind. He is a dancer, juggler, actor, magician and fine artist with a powerful stage presence and a reputation for destroying beats on the dance floor. Through dynamic manipulation, masks and creative costumed characters, Jeff manifests his fantasies in reality.
He is dedicated to building cultural architecture in the communities he collaborates with and inspiring others to be awesome!  He has performed at venues all over the world and is a dedicated street performer. He sees himself as a reflection of the collaborations that have touched his soul.
He is dedicated to Flow philosophy and exploring new areas of performance art.
He is a world citizen currently collaborating in Taipei, Taiwan as a performing artist, flow instructor and cultural exchange project coordinator.

If you have a creative dream project Jeff Calafato can help you make it a reality!