Workshops :: Ultimate Bhangra Dance Workshop

Salil Bhandari & Matthew Schmidt

with Salil Bhandari & Matthew Schmidt

Ultimate Bhangra Dance Workshop - Saturday 1PM Pavilion

Bhangra is a lively form of folk music and dance that originated in the northern state of Punjab in India.  Although predominantly seen in Bollywood movies, bhangra has found its way into mainstream culture and is often combined with hip-hop, house, and reggae music.  Bhangra dances are filled with high energy, have a predominantly percussion backbone, and include colorful costumes and acrobatic stunts.  Its rhythm is infectious and its spirit intoxicating!  You will not stop smiling the entire time!  In this workshop we will start with some basic dance moves and slowly build up and learn a fully choreographed professional dance routine including acrobatic stunts!  Colorful and flowy costumes are encouraged!  Get ready for the ride of your life as you enter the world of… BHANGRA! 



Salil Bhandari is based out of New York City and has been performing Bhangra since he was 4 years old.  He has danced, competed and been lead choreographer with professional Bhangra groups at both university and national level competitions throughout the US since the age of 18.  Although he loves performing, his true love now is spreading the joy of bhangra to others through teaching.  He has led workshops in New York City since 2008 and recently begun to spread the spirit of bhangra to the Burning Man community since 2011.  

Co-teacher Matthew Schmidt is also based out of New York City and is a long-time dancer/entertainer and a true prodigy of the Bhangra scene.  Although being bitten by the Bhangra bug only recently in 2011, he has already performed, taught, and choreographed with Salil in various events for the Burning Man community.  His enthusiasm is contagious and his love for the art form second-to-none.