Workshops :: Throwing Up

Diabolo Dave

with Diabolo Dave

Throwing Up - Saturday 1PM Meadow

We will MAKE and learn how to Toss Juggle, Balls.   It's easy to learn and fun to show  and teach your friends. I will teach the cascade juggling pattern using several techniques including partner juggling.
For those of you who are intermediates
I will break down several different kinds of simple juggling patterns that can be learned using one new throw. This simple change will reignite the difficulty in juggling,  And will lead to the following new pattern reverse cascade, half shower and tennis.
 I will include a short juggling demonstration of some things that I know. And can go over one or two of my popular tricks in more detail. As well as answer questions on the following topics:
siteswaps, multiplexes, claymotion, synchronous, and unon-synchronous juggling and body juggling. We will finish with juggling game.


Juggling an object manipulation have been a part of David's Spirit since learning to juggle at an early age.  After starting a juggling club in engineering college he began attending the Philadelphia Juggling club in 2008. he has sense worked with numerous charitable organizations including helping Band of Jugglers in a 13 week and non-for profit workshop with Katzenbach back school for the  deaf.  As well as Juggling Life at several of their events and camps.  His performance career started in Six Flag's 2010 season of FrightFest.