Workshops :: Moving with Things

Michele Clark

with Michele Clark

Moving with Things - Saturday 1pm Meadow

This workshop will be a massive group brainstorm and presentation of ideas I have already developed about: Moving With Things. Please bring your things you like to play with. Poi, staffs, hoops, balls, fans, barbies, a box of tissues, a plastic bottle, a musical instrument, air, water, fire, earth, clothes, a friend, a cardboard cut out-- I challenge you to expand your definition of things to be moved. Bring your things and we will explore moving with them.



Michele is an artist, interested and curious about life and committed to experiencing the wonders and mysteries the world has to offer. She believes in the impossible and delights in the extra-ordinary, the mundane and the silly. She believes art is a conversation without bounds in addition to an indispensable method of sharing insights on existence and she wants to be your friend.