Workshops :: Acrobatic Yoga

Lex Peters

with Lex Peters

Acrobatic Yoga - Saturday 1pm Hillside - Sunday 1pm Hillside

Acrobatic Yoga focuses on partner acrobatics that mostly utilize the feet. Our style of Acrobatic Yoga blends yoga, gymnastics, various styles of dance, Acrobalance, Adagio Balance and Icarian Games. This contemporary sport is very accessible and accommodates many body types. Acrobatic Yoga highlights the strength, coordination, balance, flexibility, and range of motion that the human body can attain. Partnering can occur in same sex and/or coed base and flyer roles.
New participants are quickly inspired to create new sequences and moves. Beginners and experienced athletes alike observe positive results rapidly, making this sport very satisfying, and leaving participants hungry for more. A yoga mat and or towel is needed for this workshop.



Lex Peters is a software engineer, gymnastics coach, partner dance instructor and partner acrobat with over 15 years of experience.  Lex started partner acrobats in 1997 while studying the Lindyhop.  His long-time interest in partner acrobatics is now heavily focused on Acrobatic Yoga.
Lex has collaborated and performed with various dance companies, entertainers, and musicians such as Rennie Harris Puremovement, Master Jay Master Moves, D.J. Venus 7, Angel Studios, Philadelphia Experiment (PEX), and the Trailer Park Trio.  Lex performing Acrobatic Yoga has recently been featured on Americas Got Talent Season 6.