Workshops :: Holistic Circus Therapy

Jill Maglio

with Jill Maglio

Holistic Circus Therapy - Saturday 11AM The Cove

This workshop will:
 1. Provide 2 hours of instruction in a variety of circus disciplines over the  as a daytime activity that is educational, health promoting, interactive, all inclusive, and fun.

Activites: solo, pair, and group experiences including

Clowning/Physical Theater, beginner acrobalance and manipulation- Juggling, hula hooping, plate spinning, poi.

All levels of experience are welcome. All equipment will be provided.



Jill Maglio is the founder of Holistic Circus Therapy, a registered and accredited private practice that combines Occupational Therapy with circus arts to address the unique health and well-being needs of individuals and communities.

Jill Maglio currently works in the circus industry as a performer, Cirque du Monde program coordinator, circus project manager and program evaluator.  

Jill has international experience directing, producing, and performing art pieces that combine multiple disciplines of dance, circus, and theatre with young people of varying abilities and social pressures. She is involved with circus intervention research and is published in the Australian Journal of Occupational Therapy for her innovative work on community circus and life skills acquisition.  

Jill has developed sustainable and inclusive community circus programs, which are still active in Australia, Cambodia, and the United States.