Workshops :: Souler Disco Roller Disco

Sassy-Fras and KJ Boheme

with Sassy-Fras and KJ Boheme

Souler Disco Roller Disco - Saturday 3pm Pavilion

Sassy-Fras and KJ Boheme present Souler Disco. Two hours of boogie down into roller disco wonderland with NYC’s funkiest groovemaster DJ Small Change. Rex on the Pavillion’s smooth wood floors under the disco ball. Backwards sk8 while our MC woos you with sk8 jams and contest prizes. Rock the glitter afro and short-shorts. A very limited amount of sk8s will be available to borrow during event, but do NOT forget to bring your own, Sugah-puss! These are such good times...roll with it!

Master Jay (From Master Jay moves) will start of the roller disco set with a Souler disco skate dance lesson.  We will have a limited amount of skates available for use, but please bring skates if you can. 


Sassy-fras and KJ Boheme love sunshine, skating and summertime, having been skaters since ye olde high school days. Last year they thought why not bring it to PEX with an informal gathering of skaters. This year it becomes more official with Souler Disco at the Pavillion.