Workshops :: Middle Eastern Drumming

Liron Peled

with Liron Peled

Middle Eastern Drumming - Saturday 11am Lake

This class will The Cover basic technique of the doumbek (Middle-Eastern hand drum), and popular Middle Eastern rhythms.

Based on level and interest of workshop attendees, it may also The Cover: odd rhythms, soloing, advanced doumbek technique, drumming for belly dancers.

BYOD (Bring your own drum) – Dumbeks preferred but other drums also
acceptable. Spectators are also welcome.


Liron is a NY-based performing musician and composer who has worked with Balkan Beat Box and Omar Faruk Tekbilek among others.
He is also well known as a founding member of the internationally known group Raquy and the Cavemen.
He grew up in Israel surrounded by the cultures of the Middle East, yet fascinated with Rock and Heavy Metal music, Liron was always drawn to combining the two styles in a harmonious way, which led him to invent the Dümset - The Middle Eastern drum set.
Liron also specializes in Tuvan Throat Singing, an ancient art from the land of Tuva (southern Siberia, just north of Mongolia) using intricate techniques in the mouth and throat to produce multiple notes simultaneously by producing under- and over-tones and creates a transcendental effect on the listener.