Workshops :: Welding!

Joe Campbell

with Joe Campbell

Welding! - Saturday & Sunday 11AM Roadside

Everyone has to start somewhere, this is your opportunity. Take a copper coated .030 wire encased in argon/co2 gas, energize it to the point where it melts and fuze two pieces of metal together. The Mig welding process will be The Covered for this session. Helmets, protective clothing and welders will be provided. Workshop will be hands on and limited to 6 people.

*Closed toe shoes required.


I’m not an engineer. I’ve never claimed to be one. It’s not to say that I haven’t thought about it or tried. It’s how my path in college started, a future cast in the light as a mechanical engineering. Why wouldn’t it be? This was a natural transition from the CAD/CAM in high school and it incorporated my love for the tedious, technical and precise. Or so I thought…  

Once in the program I found a different story, it felt dull, dry, and boring. The lure of fabrication would  often cloud my mind. I’d sit in class day dreaming of hot sparks shooting from the grinder’s edge or the molten pool of steel left by the kerf of a torch. Metal had already seduced me, its subtle flows and shimmers, the intense light of one welded bead after another.

It was enough to change my major to something more creative, something more hands on, not buried in theory and books but in reality and studios. It was enough to push me into the realm of industrial design, acquiring a degree that matched my need to balance critical thinking with creative output.

Then again, I’m not a designer. I’ve never claimed to be one. They tend to be buried in concepts and sketches.

I exist in a plane somewhere between the worlds of the designer and the engineer. I am someone who can envision a concept, engineer it, build it, and have enough confidence to stand behind it with great pride. The best of both worlds.