Workshops :: ElectroBelly: Modern Bellydance Fusion


with Rio

ElectroBelly: Modern Bellydance Fusion - Friday 7PM Pavilion

Electrofunkastepcrunkify your body grooves with some new snapcracklepoppalockin bellydance moves, slides, waves, and isolations for a modern fusion of world dance for today's electronic music scene.You're going to find muscles you may not knew you had! A breakdown of movements, drills (exercises for practice), and application of choreographies in varying types of modern electronic beats. Wear awesome things and bring lots of water.


Rio, an international modern bellydance artist, is a certified yoga and meditation instructor through YogaWorks (LA) and specializes in working with clients challenged by mobility limitations, rehab for injury and chronic illnesses, and dance therapy. As YogaWorks alumni, she has studied and practiced with Anne VanValkenburg, Eddie Modestinni, Nicki Doane, Elise Miller, Roger Cole, Natasha Rizopoulos, and Leslie Kaminoff, with continuing education around the US and Canada. Her unique style of practice is driven by a detailed anatomical approach to individual alignment in motion and creating a personal experience of mental connection and body awareness for students, no matter what background or experience. Her experience focuses on degenerative joint and tissue disorders, rehabilitation for injury and chronic illness, mobility limitations of EDS, fibromyalgia, MS, and Meniere’s, with restorative yoga and dance for anxiety and depression, prenatal and early childhood bonding, and empowerment through women’s outreach.