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Plum Dragoness

with Gabrielle de Burke (Plum Dragoness)

Dragon Spirit Yoga - Friday 5PM Pavilion

This workshop will focus on performing a combine series of still postures, moving meditations and breathing that places importance on the synchronization of mind, body and spirit through Taoist Yoga techniques. The particular style of Dao Yin Lung Shen (“way of the dragon spirit“) is a combination of classical Chi Kung & Kundalini Yogic exercises. The roots of this practice lend itself to the traditions of Taoist legends; associating particular Chinese myths with animal spirits (Dragon, Tiger, Monkey etc.), mystics (Monk, Warrior, Goddess etc.) the Five Elements found in nature (Water, Metal, Fire, Wood & Earth). Principals of cultivating the balance of the body’s Yin & Yang energy are applied to opening Chakras while awakening the powerful Serpentine movements of the divine spine.

Gabrielle Casella (a.k.a. PlumDragoness) developed her style of teaching Dao Yin yoga by drawing inspiration from astrological & spiritual connections to the mythic legends of dragon spirit, Taoist mystical philosophies, Chinese martial/internal arts systems, Hatha yoga practices & the teachings of Sifus Chik Qadir Mason, Paulie Zink & Yogi Sarah Powers. This original system of yoga reflects her individualized aesthetic as a multi-disciplinary performance artist & healing arts practitioner. For more info visit



Gabrielle de Burke initially became interested in yoga during her childhood partially influenced as a result of visiting her Sikh neighbors who had a private shrine/practice space where they taught Kundalini yoga classes in their home. Stimulated by her early childhood exposure to the moving arts, she was later inspired as a young adult in college to take classes in Hatha & Ashtanga Yoga to help her maintain focus & offered a fitness regimen that balanced her courses of study in the performing arts.

In 1999, Gabrielle immersed herself in the Chinese practices of Taoist forms of internal/martial arts by training with Master Chik Quadir Mason, founder of the Spirit Wind Internal Arts Society. She received many certifications of study in the forms of Pa-Kua Chang, Tao Yin Yoga, Chi Kung, Tai Chi Chuan plus earning her “Warrior Sash” for Kung Fu, in addition to learning bodywork techniques such as Lin Zi Chi Therapy & Thai Massage. Part of her studies with the group involved participating in group collaborations, demonstrations & performances that included poetry inspired by the practice. In 2000, she earned her B.A. from Temple University’s Department of Theater (with an exploratory concentration in dance, music & voice) while continuing her training & apprenticeship with encouragement of Sifu Mason to begin her teaching career.  

Gabrielle’s work as a healing arts practitioner & instructor continues to intersect with her work as an inter-disciplinary performance artist through the incorporation of internal and martial arts forms in combination with dance, poetry and theater presentation ( She revears Yoga & other healing arts modalities as precious tools, reminding us to create the sacred space necessary to care for old injuries & be mindful of shifts in the bodies alignment that that for her appear as a result of being a high energy performer in addition to a teacher.

Gabrielle has been teaching for over a decade, is registered & insured through the Yoga Alliance. She holds Teacher Training Certifications in Radiant Lotus Women’s Qi Gong from Daisy Lee, a 200 hour RYT in Vinyasa Power Yoga from the Rasa School, plus Level I & II Tao Yin Yoga from the Spirit Wind Internal Arts Society. In addition, she has studied Ashtanga Yoga with Miko-Doi Smith, Yin Yoga with Sarah Powers, Yang style T’ai Chi Chuan with Master Yang Jun, Taoist (Yin/Yang) Yoga with Master Pauli Zink, , Thai Bodywork with Michael Buck, Acro-Yoga with Justicia Friese & the Prison Yoga Project with James Fox.

She facilitates private lessons, group classes/workshops & is available for Thai Bodywork sessions (Havertown & Philadelphia Locations).  
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