PEX Summer Festival strives to bring you the cutting edge of culture and thought. We are catering to the intellectual and imaginative desires of our community. For this reason, we are hosting a variety of interactive workshops that will explore topics unique to the interests of social and cultural evolution. These workshops will be open to ALL attendees at no additional cost. We believe that promoting thought and education is an essential ingredient to the mission of PEX events.

Dragon Spirit Yoga
Plum Dragoness
Acrobatic Yoga
Lex Peters
Acupuncture Happy Hour
Rez Acupuncture & Caroline Grace Ashurst
Beginner Aerial Silks
Amanda Silaski
Beginners Capoeira
Risadinha & Maravilha
Beginning Poi: Freedom in Flow
Paul Dunkirk-Greenbaum
Circle Singing
Kathleen Hollingsworth
Contact Meteor
Creative Hair Art
Amber Muhammad
Double Hoop Intensive
Ali Luminescent
Dr. Sketchy Sundays
Inky One & Inky Two
Hoop Vinyasa
Jewels & Sandhi
HoopSkool: Beginner
Ted Brancu
House Dance Workshop
Urban Dance Academy
Moving with Things
Michele Clark
Amanda Kaufman
Occupy the Self
Nicholas Powers
Orisha Songs Workshop
Partner Aerial
Zyra & Elux
Partner Poi
Mike & Jexime Icon
Pasty Making Workshop
Kitten Kaboodle
Pole Fitness
Soapstone Carving
Christian Breeden
Souler Disco Roller Disco
Sassy-Fras and KJ Boheme
The Bertha Butt Boogie
Michele Clark
Throwing Up
Diabolo Dave
Tinsmithing Returns
Christian Breeden
Tuvan Throat Singing
Liron Peled
Ultimate Bhangra Dance Workshop
Salil Bhandari & Matthew Schmidt
Joe Campbell