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Acting as part of the work force that supports the very fiber of our events is an honor and a privilege. The organizers of this event feel blessed to be a part of all that this community is doing. We are looking for more people who share this view and will honor responsibility as a blessing in making this event happen.

As a PEX Summer Festival Volunteer, you are a part of the PEX team. We hope and expect that all Volunteers actively understand and uphold the core PEX commitments and values of respectful community, positive living, and fun. In general, your intentions and actions at the festival (both on shift and off) should always be aligned with expressing and encouraging these values in everything you do.

(Updated Info 6-14)

Volunteers Still Needed!

We are still in need of additional volunteers for the festival.  Are you interested in volunteering but not up to the 18 hour commitment of being a PEX Summer Festival General Volunteer?  We’ve created a volunteer signup sheet for people that are willing to help out with a shift or two at the gate Greeting, Parking, and helping to keep the festival clean.  Signing up is quick and easy and very much appreciated.  Shifts are posted here:

For those of you that might be interested in earning a free ticket to the festival, we have extended the volunteering deadline.  Read more on about becoming a PEX Summer Festival General Volunteer.

Volunteer Requirements

This year we are going to be doing things a little differently in our continued efforts to improve the volunteer process. This year, there is two types of volunteering commitments offered, onsite volunteer and street team volunteer, for a free ticket to the event.

The main difference between the PEXSF Street Team and the other volunteer opportunities at the festival, is that your volunteer work will be done in the coming weeks, before the festival even begins, and in your own city. Besides the benefit of working in your own community, you will have earned your ticket and have the full weekend of the festival off to enjoy the rewards of your contributions.  Interested in joining the PEX Street Team?  Click to for more information about joining The PEX Street Team.

General Volunteer Free Ticket = 18 hours before and/or during the week of the festival + 2 hours of volunteer orientation at the festival.  Volunteers are requested to purchase a general admission ticket from the ticketing page as a deposit.  The face vaule of the ticket will be returned at after the full completion of your shifts or duties.  

You will be notified of your volunteer selection status after you sign up.  If you do not complete your volunteer requirements, you will forfeit your ticket and the deposit will not be returned. 

If you think you have what it takes to join our team of dedicated artists, thinkers, workers and creators, please complete the Volunteer Form.

Please contact us at with any questions, comments, or suggestions.