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Theme Camps are another interactive element of The PEX Summer Festival. Theme camps usually create an ambience, a visual presence, and in some way provide a communal space and/or provide activity. The following Theme Camps have currently registered:

Philly's most infamous and dastardly crew of pirates, lost boys, and pickles, also known as BANGARANG!!! brings their special blend of mischief and shenanigans to PEXfest this year! Rock out with us and embrace your inner rager. Music from noon till midnight and a treasure trove of workshops, activities, and shenanigans to enjoy and participate in.  This camp will also be the special location of the wedding of BANGARANG's Captain, Pirate Tim, to Rani, his lovely and amazing bride.  We ask that if you join us in this special occasion please be respectful as this will be a semi-traditional Celtic wedding ceremony. Thank you!

Digital Native
We are the Natives. We are the Digital. Come find yourself... Come lose yourself...

Camp Yoda
Camp Yoda at PEX Summer Festival is an RV camp, organized in the grassy area just off the RV camping space. The camp features spiritual healing, Swedish massage, psychic readings, Angel card readings and delicious cocktails and beverages.. The camp offers a chilled out vibe, a place for PEX attendees to come to relax and refuel their party energy. Camp Yoda operates during the daytime from noon to dusk. All RV campers are welcome to join in and be connected.

Horny Camp
Since 2004 Horny Camp has helped Burners... well... get Horny! Come by and attend a Horn Making workshop. We'll supply the phenolic clay, the stretchy string, and bake your Horns while you wait. Space strictly first come first serve.

Living a Painting
Themes revolve around the supernatural, every mans journey in this life and in the next, transformational, psychedelic manifestation, with fine art and theatrical elements.  The audience is incorporated with some of the performances. Tribal body painting ceremony as part of the initiation. Belly dance workshops thru out the day. Our mission is to CREATE!!  To explore the endless possibilities of character and the human experience.

Meso Creso
From the land between the rivers is born a new family that hails from the cradles of civilization, Mesopotamia, the Nile, and Indus to the ancient and modern Americas. Like the Bedouins and Yaquis of the desert, or before when the Sumerians began building independent city states with their own cultures and cults, languages, and kings, we congregate under our bayt, our casa, our home - to celebrate our individuality and union, our mélange of cultures – our meso creso. Teach us! Learn from us! Indulge in a kaleidoscope of passions, relish, rejoice and share in our positive vibe!

Outside the Box Body
We will be painting and stamping on bodies with our handmade stamps and brushes using acrylic paints. 1pm-5pm only

The greatest little western town right out of the 1880's, PEXas is the home of Gold Mines and Good Times! In a time when festival tickets are limited and fought for tooth and nail, PEXas is declaring its self the biggest little camp in the new frontier. It's a dangerous place though, be sure to bring your six shootn' cap guns, cowboy hats and boots so ya don't look like a city slicker Strike it Rich at the nearby Gold Mine and trade for goods at the Ramblewood Saloon! Wild West Mayhem on the regular! Bes be behavn' ya selves or the Sheriff will drag you to jail by ya ear, ya hear?!?
 Cowboys, Indians, Merchants, Gamblers, Gun Fighters, Madams, Soiled Doves and Lone Heros Welcome!

Tarot Tea Room
We will be offering a large tea selection as well as tarot and i ching readings anlong with stimulating conversation and some acoustic musical entertainment.

The Imaginarium
The Imaginarium is a playground of magical inspiration to let loose your inner child’s imagination and free your mind of limitations. We will stimulate your creative juices with interactive art, music, and games. Come in to enjoy and play the soothing tones of upcycled propane drums, daily Mr. Potato Head-ings, mini-hat workshop, circle love and flow toys, and glowing wonderland. Relax out of the sun and collaborate with each other’s imaginations.

The Theta Dome & Chillax Deluxe
The Theta Dome is teaming up with music composer Philip Joseph Restine III (Avant Muse) in order to offer PEX a wide array on entertainment inside the dome. 

An ambient music cafe & lounge where you will be caressed by deep lush grooves of Chillout, Downtempo, Triphop & Ambient music.  Chillax Deluxe is an oasis where you are guaranteed plenty of ice water, shade, places to recline & sensual soothing sexy beats at intimate conversation volume.  Lounge in our hammocks & fuzzy cuddle zones, sip our free iced coffee, smoke from our hookahs & enjoy our massage table.  At night time, be dazzled by our psychedelic lighting sculptures & recline watching visual projections on the large screen.  But most of all enjoy the perfect soft groove or expansive soundscape for the perfect moment with the Chillax Deluxe playlist, customized for each event & time of day.

Chemistry concocts a petri dish of open, positive, progressive lifestyles, distills a bubbling beaker of illuminated eroticism, and mixes a pleasurable potion of lectures, workshops, and events that encourages a paradigm shift in modern relationships and human sexuality.

The (Delawarian) Embassy
Come... Relax. Taste the exotic foods and drinks of our native land, Delaware. Marvel at our wit as we use fancy words and alcohol to dispel myths about the native people of Delaware. Learn of our rich heritage, which we will freshly fabricate and aggrandize on the spot. Dishing out fresh drinks and eats all day, and early-dawn espresso (Bialetti's up in this joint) for those in caffeine-need.  We're not just Philly's Mexico anymore, we're here, and we have -feelings-. Also giving the gift of energy all weekend for dead lanterns, lights and headlamps. Just stop on by, and we'll fuel you up, as long as we're able to.

Disorient Light
Look for the bright, blinky Disorient LED sign and inflatable sculpture by Anakin Koenig Airways. We'll see you in the Puddle! Relax to ambient music in our comfy chill space under Pornj shade. Activities may include hookahs, guided meditation, tarot card readings, massages, and more. Bring it yourself!
GMO Decontamination Zone
At the GMO Decontamination Zone, we will take you in as a survivor, tag you with a wristband, and serve you (21+) an organic alcoholic beverage from our glowing glasses. Our anonymous Occupy Monsanto bartenders wear biohazmat suits over an ultraviolet bar.

The Wabi Sabi Grove
The Wabi Sabi Grove is a place for you to come and take a load off. An organically created shade structure will once again house places to lounge in, hammocks to sway in, and music to play in. We will be hosting Mincha and Mary Mornings (bonus if you bring your own cup) and providing spiked watermelon and chlorophyll water though out the day. At night we'll light up with our dazzling laser firefly spectacle that can be seen across the grounds. And if you're feeling frisky come have a shot and win some prizes at our naughty nerf carnival game "Boob Hunt"
Camp Photon
A place for photographers, models, fire performers, and other artists to meet and share their art. Come participate in a photo shoot at our outdoor photography studio.  After dark come participate in our fire photography spin jams!  Bring: Fire tools, fuel, DSLR camera, crazy costumes, body paint,  etc.

Whiskey & Whores - formerly Fireside Lounge
We will be setting up a lounge with a stripper pole, couches, chairs, fire pit (self-contained) and bar.  A fun place to hang out! We'll have music and a spinning wheel and MC bartender

TL’s Black Light Jawn


Kamp Kounselors