Event Info :: Safety


Do not light fires on bare ground or dig pits, leaving scars. Please use a burn barrel or burn platform. Burn only clean untreated wood or paper (nothing synthetic.) Make sure you bring along a fire extinguisher and have it properly placed where everyone can access it. If it excessively dry this season more restrictions may be announced.

Fire Performing

Fire performing is an integral part of the artistic PEX community. We invite all fire performers to spin fire freely at the PEX fest but to do so safely. In the spirit of Smokey the Bear, civic responsibility, self-reliance and active participation, all fire spinners are being asked to help maintain and spread the word about minimum fire safety requirements throughout the event.

Minimum safety requirements for fire performance:

  • Safety First. Keep an eye out for your fire brethren. 
  • All fire action must be overseen by at least one knowledgeable fire safety equipped with a fire retardant blanket and an ABC fire extinguisher.
  • All fuel must be contained in a non-flammable self-extinguishing container such as a clean metal paint can.
  • Fuel must be kept in a secure area away from your fire zone and free of foot traffic - a fuel safety is recommended for large groups or areas where fuel is difficult to keep secure due to crowding.
  • Only use fire in areas that are at a safe distance from trees, flammable structures and tents, etc.

If you have a fire performance that you would like scheduled on a stage, or if you have any questions regarding fire safety at the PEX Fest, please contact the Fire Mama, Denise Denise, at fire@pexsummerfestival.com

Camp Stoves & Barbecues

Camp stoves and barbecues are allowed in your camping areas, but please use extreme caution and be responsible. Always make sure your stove is in an area which is clear of dry grass and brush, and never leave a stove unattended while it is burning. If you are using a camp stove or make sure you bring along a fire extinguisher and have it properly placed where everyone can access it.


Cigarettes butts cause most fires and trash. Always put your butts out and NEVER throw them on the ground. Carry a small can or film tube in your pocket to hold your used butts. Let's show this land how much we respect it!


We strongly encourage camps to not bring generators. If your camp must have power, ONLY quiet generators are allowed. Please do not disturb your neighbors with loud generators.


Absolutely no fireworks, firearms, rockets, and other explosives are allowed. If you are caught using any of the aforementioned, you will be asked to leave the event.


A Lifeguard will be on duty at the pool during swimming hours. There is NO swimming in unsupervised waters.


Keep gear, trash, etc. where they belong. Unorganized settings are unsettling and can be dangerous, especially at night.

The safety of the event and our patrons is of utmost importance to us. Please be extremely responsible and safe throughout the weekend.