Lineup :: Performers :: Plum Dragones & the Elements

Philadelphia, PA

The poetry of award winning artist Gabrielle de Burke/the Plum Dragoness, “ is pure sensory theatre…bringing to the listener a full experience in words & imagery…[Her] gestures and facial expressions delight children & adults alike, while resonating with the excitement one might experience in African griots…” (Gina Renzi-Director of The Rotunda) The musical project arranged by Gabrielle de Burke called ‘Plum Dragoness & the Elements’ combines live instrumentation that includes but is not limited to Jazz, Dub/Reggae, Drum & Bass, Hip-hop/Trip-hop, Funk-Rock, Afro-Brazilian, African Highlife & Irish folk traditions, among others by infusing performance poetry/spoken word/lyrical vocal expressions & multi media projections in to their performances. Plum Dragoness, “is a truly gifted and talented performance artist, incorporating dance, poetry and theatre in her presentations...”(Susana Mayer-Founder & Host The Erotic Literary Salon) ” Plum Dragoness is truly a woman of our time. Her voice and choice of words connects us to the modern age, and yet still transcends us to an ancient time making everything she does to be timeless. She is a Poetess, Singer, Dancer, Actress, and most of all a Prophetess. If there is one show that is not to be missed in this day and age it would be Plum Dragoness and the Elements…"(Jeffrey King Duryea-Musician & Wordsmith)  Core band members include; Larry Connelly-drum kit/percussion, Jon Espo-bass/synth, Elliott Levin-flute/sax, Ali Richardson-guitar/keys, Larry Toft-trombone & Gabrielle de Burke/Plum Dragoness-vocals/lyrics. "The Plum Dragoness is an INCREDIBLE performer who should NOT BE MISSED…If you haven't seen Plum Dragoness (& the Elements) perform yet, YOU ARE MISSING OUT…don't sleep on this gem!” (Lina Luv-Acupuncturist/DJ) Plum Dragoness & the Elements released their 2010 debut album “Renaissance of a Poetess” with Emmy Award Winning Music Producer/Composer Rodney Whittenberg of Melody Vision Studios and just recently released their 2nd album consisting of live performance recordings “Live @ the Rotunda” Engineered/Mixed by Styx Latte of Pine Street Studio. For more info visit!