Lineup :: DJs :: Lee Jones

Philadelphia, PA

Every city has a person, that is not know by the mainstream, but is truly respected and followed by the underground. In the 5th largest city in the United States that title fall onto Lee Jones. His name is shouted throughout the North East Coast and whispered around the world. Thousands of people have danced to his music and have gone home completely satisfied.

Learning from fellow friends and world renowned DJ/Producers King Britt, Dozia Blakey & Josh Wink. Lee paid his dues opening for many parties in the Philly, D.C. & NYC area. However, what would normally take others years to accomplish, Lee mastered quickly. Within the year, Lee was offered the Saturday night slot at the infamous Black Banana, a private and trend setting club in America. Lee's residency maxed the clubs capacity every night and soon people were arriving early to get a space on the dance floor for his now famous "Love Deluxe" party.

Looking for a larger venue "where more people could dance", Lee took his party over to Shampoo, a mega club w/ a capacity of 3,000 dancers. There, with more free reign and a unlimited promotional budget, Lee created some of the most memorable nights in Philadelphia. Being loyal to his following, while at Shampoo, Lee began a policy that he still holds true today. "If you are not here to dance, please move off the dance floor." After this announcement would be made over the P.A., security was instructed to sweep non-dancers off the floor and allow room for those who wanted to participate. Immediately more offers came in for Lee's talents and soon he was spinning between many clubs on the East Coast including NYC's Life Night Club.

Not satisfied with his position, Lee planned a party on Tuesdays, the slowest night in Philly at the time. The party was called "Judy Boots" and took place in a remote part of Center City Philly. People from all over would swarm in and jam to the soulful, sexy sounds of DJ Lee Jones. For five years, the party surpassed all expectations with DJs from around the world coming in to guest spot with Lee.

Playing "House in all it's forms". Lee keeps the dance floor going. Known for his Vocal House selections, club goers are never surprised to hear obscure cuts that make everyone scream in excitement. Currently Lee has cut down his schedule to spend time supporting other up & coming DJs and to work on other collaborations. For years rumors have surfaced of several music releases under an alias, Lee will not confirm these rumors.

Never one to do anything ordinary. Lee has traveled the world extensively, but chooses only a few select places to spin. He has lifted dancers hands in London, Barcelona, Melbourne, & Paris to name a few, but Philly is where his heart is. Lee just like the "casualness of the city". When ever you're in the area stop by and hear Lee at work. He always says " my music is better than my bio anyway."