Lineup :: DJs :: Jeff Heart

Philadelphia, PA

As a rare find, house music turntablist currently promoting the genre of dark Electro House and similar styles, Jeff Heart is in his 20th year of the DJ business.  Starting out in 1991 as a basement DJ, Jeff worked his way through the commercial club circuit by 1995 and soon after landed his career within the underground electronic music culture.  We use the term “landed” loosely because it’s been quite the opposite since his involvement took place in the underground dance music community. Jeff’s popularity in the club, festival and “rave” markets took off shortly after his entry in 1997.  Following a short primer period, Jeff was  brought onboard at the humble beginnings of club Space which became Philadelphia’s first fully underground music, large capacity venue and the epitome of the underground music scene.  It was a who’s who melting pot among the DJ elites and saw the likes of every world famous DJ at the time.  Quickly gaining city wide recognition at the most popular and sole underground EDM venue, Jeff was soon added to the weekly resident DJ roster and became the longest running resident that the venue had to offer.  Over a 4 year period through Space and its eventual reformation as “Motion”, Jeff maintained the positions of resident DJ, venue manager and the Audio and Lighting engineer (Fields in which he holds degrees and certifications of the highest levels).  Jeff also owned and provided much of the sound and lighting systems that the venue was infamous for.

With a regular weekly avenue to push out his trend setting genres and turntabilist skills, Jeff became known as the sole pioneer for UK Hard House in Philly and collaboratively throughout the East Coast as his travelling career started picking up.  Coupled with his inventive rhythmic turntablism within a House music style such as his, it further quantified his contributions to the creation of musical expression that was not yet seen before.  It was partially due to this endeavor that Jeff began touring in 2000 and has since been able to showcase his performances in every single state in the U.S. with none to spare.  For a bold introduction to a lucrative travelling career, his very first out of state gig was granted by Internationally acclaimed DJ Jon Bishop, at a world famous event known as Hedonism in San Diego California. The event was voted and ranked as the best weekday party in the country by Playboy and Maxim Magazine. Along with international bookings in places such as Japan, Italy, Germany, Russia, Belize to name a few, he has been able to deliver his hometown taste of Philadelphia to EDM fans that span the globe.  In the past decade, Jeff has had the opportunity to play along side many of the world’s finest talents.  Whether a tag team dj set, opening or closing, Jeff has performed along with worldly recognized performers such as Above and Beyond, Steve Aoki, Axwell, Paul Van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold, DJ Dan, Jon Bishop, DJ Icey, Sasha and Digweed, Q-Bert and Keoki just to name a small few (The list is literally hundreds).  As a mainstay name in the EDM industry, Jeff’s work has been blessed with granting him the headlining status in about 80% of his current bookings while the other 20% are equal to, or just under such an esteemed position.   In the local market, Jeff has played at mostly every single venue that has made a name for itself and supports the EDM community, including one off events such as the never forgotten, famous Whistle party series hosted by Local 13.  He has also continued to do so for the past 10 years.  Stateside and abroad, Jeff has had the opportunity to perform at venues and festivals ranging from a small 50 person intimate setting to outdoor massives, and being center stage to 25,000 music lovers.  Whether you have heard him perform live or only have had the opportunity to listen to one his 10 album releases, we are certain that coming out to see him for our event will surely be a night worth your time.