Lineup :: DJs :: Theta Waves

New York City

Theta Waves, otherwise known as Steve, discovered electronic music when a friend shared a mix CD of late 90s techno. After attending various EDM events, he stumbled upon the Synthetic Saddhus parties where the heavily layered rhythms and deep melodies of goa/psytrance stood apart from the rest of EDM and instantly drew him in, and he set out, with the help of friends, to learn the art of mixing on his first basic DJ setup. Relocated in Colorado, he put together small events and house parties, sharing his passion for psytrance with others. During this time, Steve’s interest in mixing progressive psy began to blossom, influenced by acts such as Son Kite and Atmos, and his DJ sets began to focus more on this style.  Since returning to the east coast he’s become increasingly visible, DJing at events by Green Apples, Psybotik, PSI and others. He’s looking forward to taking you on a musical odyssey through the deep, rhythmic, and groovy side of progressive psy, walking the line between light and dark sounds.