Lineup :: DJs :: Hypnotoad

New York City

This 12 year veteran of psy has mesmerized many dancefloors with his unique and varied style: Dark fast and rhythmic night time music, deep flowing twilight sounds, tech-ey melodic mornings... But always trippy, always danceable, always with the goal of inducing the pure joy of dancing and the psytrance experience. As a DJ, core member of the PSI family, and the man behind the sound, lighting and party throwing machine that is light-o-matic, Hypnotoad has contributed his skills to literally hundreds of events. He is an active participant in Psybotik and Sync, long time contributor to the Gaian Mind family, and has lent his production and DJ skills to the Gaian Mind, PEX, Gemini, Coalesce, and Touch Samadi Festivals, was an original member of the 28th Day organization and has contributed to the efforts of many other psytrance collectives in the New York and Philadelphia area.