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Philadelphia, PA

Started collecting music in 1979 at the tender age of 7 years old. Luckily, the radio stations in Detroit were truly ahead of its time and I was exposed to all kinds of good music thanks to the Electrifying Mojo. A member of the prestigious Balance Record Pool which was one of the world's best. Started dj'ing in 1990 after graduating high school and in 1993, hooked up with Chris Udoh and Chris Brann in Atlanta and formed the Wamdue Kids. After 6 years of making music and touring the world djing, Wamdue split up. Chris Udoh and I continued on with a new crew of heads called Tigerhook. The crew consists of Udoh, Randall Jones, Hito, Hollis P. Monroe, Pat Parker, Phil Charles, Mark Pappas, Rodrigo Ramirez and I. We're based out of Philly and hold down several weekly & monthly residencies.  Now I'm producing music again and back the saddle. Was throwing events & shows as ROC but separated recently as a partner and now throwing events as Adults At Play as well as hosting a parties as Dirty Dirty Beats. As a dj, I held down residencies at various prestigious places like Fabric (UK), Smart Bar (Chicago), KGB-Mission (Miami), Nomenclature (Atl), Viper Room (L.A.), and Tresor (Berlin). In Philly, I had one of the longest running House Parties ever (7 years) at Soma that hosted local and international guests and pushed the music in all genres. I also worked at Satellite Records in NYC while commuting from Philly and doing it all.