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Philadelphia, PA

This self-taught producer/DJ originated in the Big Apple but currently resides in our own City of Brotherly Love. As a pupil he aptly studied a range of musical avenues, including piano, drums, and guitar. Ross has most successfully crossbred deep jazz, soul and funk to arrive at his signature fusion of DnB that is evident today. He receives massive airplay from radio giants such as Bassdrive and KissFM, while also gaining support by the likes of Hospital Records.  His current tunes have been released on labels such as Liquid Brilliants, Bassdrive Tunes, Soul Deep Recs, Allstreet, Playloop, and Phantom Dub. He also has a future release planned to drop soon on Westbay Recordings. In a relatively short period this lifetime music student has made significant marks, carving his initials on all the desks in the DnB classroom.